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Board of Trustees – Oxbridge Institute of Professional Development (OIPD), UK

Chairman - Lord Kevin Couling
Lord Kevin is the Principal Patron of OIPD and Founding Chairman of Cambridge Global Learning (CGL). CGL was founded in 2010 and merged with OIPD in 2020. He is an Emeritus Professor with OIPD and a Distinguished Fellow of CGL. His interest is in Heraldry and many aspects of English and Commonwealth history. In his capacity as an Advisor to numerous esteemed members of European Royal Houses, Lord Kevin lends his expertise to the meticulous craftsmanship of their distinguished 'Coats of Arms.' His noble services extend beyond the European realm, encompassing select American families, and prestigious commercial and corporate entities. Indeed, Lord Kevin's exceptional artistry includes the heraldic design of the distinguished Coat of Arms for entities such as CGL and OIPD. His enduring involvement in the antique trade continues to exemplify his deep-seated appreciation for artistry of bygone eras. Furthermore, his professional career as a Tax Consultant has spanned an impressive period exceeding two decades, firmly establishing his reputation as an esteemed authority in matters of fiscal counsel.
Vice Chairman. Prof Dr Peter Shephard
Peter is the Executive Chairman of OIPD and a co-founder of Cambridge Global Learning (CGL). He is an Emeritus Professor with OIPD and a CGL Distinguished Fellow and is the Managing Editor of the International Journal of Professional Development (IJPD). He is a co-editor of CGL’s magazine on the Learning Sciences – REALIZE – which formerly was IJIL (the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Learning). Peter is still active as a Life Coach, Trainer and Lecturer for DBA and MBA courses in Strategic Leadership and Talent Management, teaching in Africa, the Middle East, India, S E Asia, and the UK. He is a researcher and writer of articles and books in aspects of Behavioural Science and has authored 8 books and now working o a series of eBooks. Peter is also an Advisor to CREDO Assessment Systems (CAS) run by a not-for-profit Trust which has developed a range of Psychometrics, used widely for career counselling and development.
Pro-Tem Secretary-Treasurer. Dr Peter Ng
Peter, while born in Malaysia has lived most of his life in the UK and owns a Business College in London, UK. He also represents the International American University (IUA) in London, which is affiliated with OIPD, offering an additional career pathway for OIPD members. He is a Distinguished Fellow of CGL and is also the Registrar for OIPD. He has been a member of OIPD’s International Board of Advisors and Assessors (IBAA) for several years. His College also offers courses leading to qualifications from the UK Institute of Business Administration. And like so many teaching institutions affected by the pandemic, Peter has been very busy converting many courses from ‘in-person’ into ‘online’ learning courses.
Trustee (China) Professor Dr David Chu
David has been associated with Cambridge Global Learning (CGL) as a result of working closely with its founders back in 2010. He is a Distinguished Fellow of OIPD and has been a member of OIPD’s International Board of Advisors and Assessors (IBAA) since OIPD’s inception. He helped form Phoenix International University (PIU) even before CGL’s formation and pioneered several courses that were conducted in China, Malaysia and New Zealand bringing many successful business entrepreneurs from China to experience and network with people in these latter two countries. Again, due to the pandemic, David was unable for the last few years to organize such professional development programs. Now he will soon be able to re-activate PIU and provide an alternative development path for OIPD members in the Eastern part of our globe. In the past David was very active in the publishing business, especially magazines and books on sales, self-improvement, and professional development. He is President of the Shanghai Far East Corporate Management Institute and Founder-President of the China-Link International Group.
Arthie Moore-Robberts
Arthie is a Distinguished Fellow with OIPD and a member if our International Board of Advisors and Assessors (IBAA). She is the Founder of two successful consulting and training organization – Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd and Celebrating Humanity International Pty Ltd. Arthie is a Licenced Global Founding Specialist in Value-Based Leadership in Ohio, USA and Certified Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker. She was also trained in the USA as an Accelerated Learning (AL) Specialist. She is a published co-author on subjects based on Transformational Development, Leadership, GBV, Women in Manufacturing and IT, including the e-book titled ‘Return on Values: How to Remove Negative Behaviour and Solve Conflict in Organizations in 10 Weeks’. Arthie is well-recognized globally, as a champion for Leadership Strategy at EXCO level, unusual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs, Conflict Resolution and Values Based Leadership in South Africa and beyond. Her philanthropy work includes working with GBV policies, PWD awareness and Men Empowerment movements.
Trustee (India) Dr Balaji Varadarajan
Balaji has been active in Adult Education in Chennai in India and beyond for almost three decades. He is a champion for Continuous and Lifelong Learning, having contributed an article on that same subject to the book ‘Learning Matters’ published by CGL Press. He received his Distinguished Fellowship from Cambridge Global Learning (CGL) in 2019 when he brought a delegation to the International Forum on Learning (IFoL) organized by CGL in Malaysia. And he recently was awarded his Principal Fellowship by OIPD. Bala is also a member of OIPD’s International Board of Advisors and Assessors (IBAA). He co-owns and runs a Business Management and Education and Training Institute and has a successful Management Consulting company in Chennai. Bala also does a lot of voluntary work for Charity Organizations in India. He is also a staunch advocate for ‘Literacy’, as an essential key to Education and Human Development, especially in rapidly developing economies.
Trustee (Singapore) Dr Andal Krishnan
Dr Andal Krishnan is highly regarded in the corporate talent landscape and is adept at delivering high-impact coaching and training programmes. Her vast experience in the training area and proven ability to drive organizational growth through innovative strategies, tailored content, and inclusive-based communication skills has made her highly sought after in the corporate sector especially in the different ASEAN countries, India, UK, Middle East and Singapore. She has moderated and chaired international forums and panel discussions on topics involving women leadership, talent management in the corporate world and professional and personal development. She is passionate about women issues and conducts research on this area and has conducted studies in association with large national level women organizations. She is a member of the International Association of Facilitators and Global Association of Professional Speakers. She is also a Distinguished Fellow of OIPD ( UK) and serves on the International Board of Trustees of OIPD.