Our Awards
The Oxbridge Institute of Professional Development (OIPD) UK is a global, non-profit, professional membership body, providing awards for its members, up to the equivalent of level 9 of the UK Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). Awards include: TVET, Professional Certification, a Professional Specialist Doctorate (DRS) or a Professional Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with the grade of Life Principal Fellow, and a Post-Doctoral Senior Research Fellowship, carrying the title of Professor. We are not associated with any University and do not offer academic degrees – only Professional Awards.
OIPD has a mission to help individual members fulfil their career ambitions through recognizing and rewarding competence and experience. We use APEL (Accredited Prior Experiential Learning) & CPD (Continuous Professional Development) credits or a Portfolio approach, as well as a Viva, to assess the level of achievement required for each award. OIPD has a diverse Board of 20 eminently qualified Assessors and Career Counsellors from 18 countries, most of whom have a Doctorate, with over 30 – 40 years of experience, having authored books on education, learning and development.
OIPD is an assessment and accreditation body, self-regulated in England & Wales. We accredit professional, and vocational certification courses that are globally recognized and benchmarked, with educational excellence congruent with names like Oxford and Cambridge. We have a global network, with over 1000 members from 30 countries. We publish a Bi-monthly Journal and an E-magazine. OIPD has Assessment Centers in Africa, the Middle East, S. E. Asia & the UK, to serve its members.
By bringing together international assessment experts, OIPD recognizes Professional Qualifications that have empowered people to develop life skills. We live the spirit of Continuous and Lifelong Learning. Use your work-based learning & experience for lifetime recognition.