Quality & Standards
Quality and Standards follow the same well established protocols, consistent with other well-known professional membership bodies in the United Kingdom.
We align all our Awards and Grades to the UK Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) of 9 levels. click for more details.
Our awards and grade levels are registered in the British Professional Qualifications Handbook under the Oxbridge: Oxford and Cambridge Professional Qualifications. Accreditation and Certification quality is assured under the guidelines monitored by our International Board of Advisors and Assessors (IBAA). This board comprises 20 eminently qualified and highly experienced Distinguished Fellows. Most of whom have a Doctoral or Post-Doctoral award, and many are authors of books and articles and professional conference papers. (see separate page ‘’Advisors’’ ).
The OIPD's members, employer organizations, and other stakeholders hold the key to our success and recognition. Their contentment is essential to the sustainability of our organization, and without their support, the OIPD cannot continue to exist.