Cambridge Global Learning (CGL) - OIPD Learning & Certification Division
Cambridge Global Learning (CGL) is the Learning & Certification Division of the Oxbridge Institute of Professional Development (OIPD) and is established in the UK as a Semi-autonomous Recognized Global Learning Provider for the Oxbridge Institute, who’s awards, and grades are officially listed in the British Professional Qualifications Handbook.
CGL was first established in 2010 and the Chairman, Lord Kevin Cowling, who resides in the UK, still pens his message for every issue of CGL’s eMagazine called REALIZE. OIPD merged with OIPD in July 2020 and still retains its own Coat of Arms with a motto, “Sharing Learning Insights Globally”.
CGL provides Professional Certification Courses and Professional Development Programs and Pathways, for its network of trainers and clients. CGL has organized international conferences and forums on learning and has published books as well as the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Learning (IJIL) until it was replaced by REALIZE, CGL’s Magazine.
CGL Training Practitioners and Courses receive a UK Accreditation from OIPD which provides value-added recognition for them. Graduates of CGL’s Professional Certification courses can become OIPD life members and receive a Senior Fellowship Award. Graduates from other skill-based training courses also receive Fellow, Associate Fellow, and Associate membership of OIPD. These awards and membership grades are aligned with the UK Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF).