The first category of ‘Partner’ is a SNAP member (Strategic National Alliance Partner). OIPD has SNAP members in several countries (See Organization Chart or OIPD ‘Structure’). Ideally it is a goal to have one in each of the 30 countries with OIPD members.
Most SNAP members operate as an independent ‘Agent’ and as a Consultancy, a Learning and Development Centre, an Advisory or Assessment Centre, with names even registered as a non- profit business, For example, Oxbridge Development Centre (ODC) or Oxbridge Assessment Centre (OAC)
They are OIPD’s National representative and a ‘Brand Ambassador’ helping promote OIPD membership benefits, awards, and services.
Another category of alliance is the prestigious organizations who mainly contribute articles or valuable Research Data on learning or professional development, for OIPD to publish in its journal (IJPD) or e-Magazine and of course this website.
These include from the USA, ATD (Association for Talent Development) the DANA foundation,and Edutopia. From the UK, CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) PM Insight (People Management Insight and OXCEL (Oxford Centre for Leadership) and UNESCO (United Nations Education and Scientific Organization) with its HQ in Paris, France, to name a few regular contributors.
Firstly there is IJPD (International Journal of Professional Development) A quarterly 60 to 70 page ‘non-academic’ journal of a mix of short and longer articles and research papers, as well as some information on OIPD related information on professional development. Readership is aimed at people interested in personal and professional or career development as well as in leadership development.
Next is Cambridge Global Learning’s quarterly e-Magazine, entitled REALIZE, an acronym for Research, Education And Learning Information Zine, and as implied its focus is on education and learning. Both formal school (Pedagogy) and adult learning (Andragogy and Heutagogy) as well as informal employee learning and development (L & D). Included is news on conferences, related trends on the learning sciences and book reviews. Its target readership is aimed at Adult Educators, Coaches, Consultants in Leadership or Personal Development, Group Facilitators, L & D or Strategic Thinking and Talent Development Practitioners,
OIP produces a range of books, both in hard copy and electronic (eBook) versions.
Topics and Titles range from personal, life and career development (Life Matters). lifelong and continuous learning (Learning Matters), Culture and Diversity (Culture Matters). Personality and self-assessment (Personality Matters). Leadership and Strategic Thinking, Talent Assessment and Development, Influence Skills and even Happiness, Health, and Longevity.
eBooks will be available free for all new members from July 2023.