Introduction to Cambridge Global Learning
Is a Virtual Global Network of Learning Practitioners in over 30 countries.

Registered in 2010, as an Approved Learning Provider with the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills, supported by the UK Department of Employment and Learning.

In 2017, it merged with the CREDO Trust and Foundation, which is registered in Ireland as a 'non-profit' Educational Trust.

Professional Certification course are Accredited by the Oxbridge Trust - UK and listed in the "British Professional Qualifications Handbook" (UK).

Has a Board of Advisors of 16 professionals from 13 countries, most having a doctoral degree, with wide experience in Learning & Development.

Enhances the status of recognition of Learning Practitioners through awards of Distinguished, Senior, Research, Associate Fellows & Associates.

Certifies Practitioners, Academies, Colleges, Consultancies, Institutes, and their Programs- promoting Life-long and Continuous Learning.

Thus, appealing to Coaches, Consultants, Lecturers, Researchers, Teachers or Trainers who can earn CPD credits through Recognized Prior Learning (RPL)

Publishes a bi-monthly e-Zine on Education, Learning & Development, called REALIZE (Research,Education And Learning Info Zine)